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Self-Mentorship Group: April 24th, 2022

  • 12Weeks


Material will be presented through our private Facebook group Weekly educational and coaching topics Live Q&A and presentations! What you will learn: Setting intentions for the duration of the program, clearing out the old and make room for the new. Science of the brain and its ability to rewire itself. Creating new morning and evening routines which help keep yourself accountable. The power of patterns. How to opt out of what you think life should be and create the life you want. The truth about emotions, how to heal them and rewire your nervous system. Inner Child Healing, learn to the parent you needed and support the child within. Take FULL Emotional Responsibility and regain your personal power. Boundaries and limitations for self and others. Stop doing what you think should, instead show up authentic and aligned how you want. Pathway to forgiveness for yourself and others. Bad things happen and the human condition is full of suffering. Drop the emotional baggage once and for-all, and let's move on. Connect to your Future Self. Your Soul, who you are supposed to be if this human suffering didn't weigh you down. Heal through Play. Create the energy play by connecting to the inner child to build the blueprint you "should" have had. Gratitude and Appreciation. Practice the power of gratitude and appreciation. Learn to look at your pain though the lens of love and finally heal. Registration open now

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