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Holistic Healing Package: Helping the Helpers

  • 20Weeks
  • 1Step


In this Holistic Healing Package, Angel offers a body, mind, and spirit total transformation geared towards people who hold space for others, from therapists, coaches, healers, doctors, nurses, caregivers, and leaders, to anyone who expenses their energy to care for others. Considering our subconscious mind runs 90% of our day, this offering works through blindspots that our conscious mind doesn’t have access to. In this healing space, we will work through subconscious patterning that creates misalignments in the ways you show up in life today. Bringing the subconscious pattern into the conscious mind enables you to consciously create the life that you desire with absolutely no limitations. The main focus of our work is to relax the nervous system and understand how the wounded parts of us are trying to communicate. We will focus on creating a relationship between these wounded parts of you and the wisdom of your adult self today. In doing so you become the most empowered version of yourself to date. We find safety in the uncertainty of life and become aware of the very behaviors we use to try and control certain outcomes. Imagine a life where you could trust the process that life is unfolding for you. How would you feel in your body knowing with confidence that no matter what was happening around you, it served your highest and best good? Think about the way your relationships would be if you trusted yourself enough to know to see how your own.

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