Courtney Burden

Hi, my name is Courtney.  Before coming to Mainstream Therapy, I had a long route both academically and in my personal life to get to this point. I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings in the sciences and helping fields.

I studied biology and neuroscience, receiving my Master's Degree from the University of Toronto.  I wanted to be able to work more closely with clients of my own, which lead me to obtain my Social Service Worker designation from Northern College. From there I have had the privilege of assisting individuals, couples and families in private, community and medical settings. 

I integrate my experiences with substance abuse, family violence and loss into helping my clients find success through troubled times. As such, I am passionate about working with couples and families in particular.

I believe in a strengths-focused approach and utilize evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Motivational Interviewing, Functional Family Therapy, and the Gottman Method for couples.

At the core of my practice is the belief in the inherent strength and worthiness of all people. I work to create an environment absolutely free of judgment, where each person is respected and valued as an individual. I am a strong advocate for normalizing therapy and mental health care. 

Laura Kyrkos

It’s time for a person centered approach to healing. Feeling better in a comfortable and flexible atmosphere that is specific to your needs. We can work on exploring your thoughts, feelings and coping strategies to face life’s challenges with ease. Taking the time you need for yourself and developing the ability to reach your full potential and achieve any personal goals.


I am a compassionate, dedicated and ambitious professional looking to help others overcome their personal challenges. My approach is to understand where you are and apply flexible yet meaningful experiences to help aid you through your difficult times and learn new skills to help you apply. 


I have experience helping children and youth navigate the school system. I’ve been honoured to work with many children and youth with their anxiety, depression, body image issues, and self-esteem which help them become successful in the education system and in their daily lives. Let’s face it, school is stressful and difficult to navigate without mental health, self-esteem or confidence challenges as it is. I am passionate about helping others make the most out of their youth (or educational) experience. 


I have experience helping adults explore their past and current traumas. Sometimes life can throw us situations of grief, abandonment, anxiety, depression, body image challenges that can alter their feelings, daily life and coping mechanisms. I have helped adults steer through their anxiety and develop coping mechanisms that are specific to them utilizing a solution-based approach. 


I graduated from Georgian College in 2016 with a diploma in Social Service Worker with Honours. I spent my time at Georgian studying practical techniques in helping relationships develop, mental health and addictions, case management, family sociology for social service workers and more. I was fortunate to be able to apply this education in a hands-on environment through labs, volunteering and co-op placements. I have experience working with, supporting and transitioning children and youth who have been placed into community supported homes through the Children’s Aid Society. 


I also have experience with adults who have dual diagnosis (ie: anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, autism, ADHD, global developmental delay, etc). I provide assistance to adults to develop their ability to recognize their feelings and past traumas as well as how to implement coping strategies, solution based problem solving and a person centered approach to attain their goals.


I look forward to meeting you in person and navigating through past or present traumas. 


Angel Powers

Founder Mainstream Therapy
Therapist, RSSW

Hi, my name is Angel Powers and welcome to Mainstream Therapy.  I offer comfortable and secure online counseling.  Blending traditional and non-traditional frameworks for mental health and self awareness, my job is to help you understand and accept the pieces that make you, you. We look at the strengths you already have and build upon those. We also look at areas of improvement and collectively work on strategies to enhance your life.  I truly believe that each person inherently knows what’s best for them to live their best life, I am a supportive role to help you discover how to get there. 

We are complex creatures, each and every one of us is unique.  My approach to therapy is therefore multi-faceted, enriched with training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, mainstream modalities, and my own personal growth. I offer individual counseling, child and youth counseling, and mindfulness meditation.

I take a creative and critical thinking perspective to problem solving, guiding you to find the answers within.  My approach is comfortable and empathetic.  These are traits that have always come natural to me, and I pursued this vocation because of my inherent drive to help people. 


Your journey is your journey. I’m a neutral party and active participant. Together we will set goals and achieve them... I will help you get the most out of the life you want.