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Your Healing Journey Awaits

Join the experience of Self-Healers worldwide and embark on a cross-country quest as author and trauma-informed therapist Angel Powers shares her story of childhood adversity and the journey to wholeness.

In From Grit to Grace, Angel Powers author shares her profound road to self-discovery and personal healing, unveiling the path towards cultivating a harmonious relationship with oneself and life, transcending the impact of past experiences.

About the Author

Angel Powers is a distinguished Trauma-Informed Therapist and Registered Social Service Worker with a thriving business. Beyond her professional roles, she is a devoted mother, accomplished writer, former recreational softball player, and an avid spiritual enthusiast. With a remarkable ability to create a supportive environment, Angel facilitates profound self-discovery, healing, and life exploration for others.

As a dedicated business owner, Angel channels her passion for teaching into various avenues, particularly through creating spaces for individuals to delve into life's complexities. This commitment is evident in her contributions to employee workshops, self-love groups, and initiatives focused on leadership and inner child healing.

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INSIDE From Grit To Grace:

  • Discover strategies for self-discovery and healing. Explore practical approaches and reflective exercises that can aid in cultivating a harmonious relationship with oneself and embracing personal healing.

  • Find inspiration for resilience and emotional strength
    Gain inspiration from real-life stories and experiences that illustrate the power of resilience and emotional fortitude in overcoming hardships.

  • Connect with shared human experiences
    Engage with a narrative that highlights universal emotions and struggles, fostering a sense of connection and understanding within a diverse readership.

  • Explore the transformative power of vulnerability
    Discover how embracing vulnerability can lead to profound personal growth and authentic connections with others.

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