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[S6E2] Chapter 2

As announced during Ubisoft Forward, the next chapter of The Crew 2, Season 6 Episode 2: Dominion Frozen will be available for free to all players on September 14. The new episode will challenge drivers to keep their cool on icy tracks, and will also introduce new vehicles, vanity items, LIVE Summits, and a fresh Motorpass.

[S6E2] Chapter 2

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 2 is set to air soon, which means viewers should keep themselves updated for the next major news. They only have a few days left before the next chapter of the story unfolds.

In the first episode, we also learn that "Rick Prime" - the one from Morty's timeline - killed our beloved Rick's wife and daughter. So, to seek revenge, Rick goes to Rick Prime's timeline to find the murderer's family (The Smith family we follow in the show) and lure Rick Prime towards his demise. However, Rick Prime doesn't care about anything, including his family, so he doesn't return. Regardless, Rick chooses to stay with this new (and alive) version of his family. So, we'll be seeing more of Rick's adventures with his strange and deadly family in the second chapter of Season 6.

Titled Allegiance, the new chapter picks up following the events of episode 1 as Jamie struggles with his duties as Indian Agent after he took up the post to stop Richard Brown from exercising too much power.

Ubisoft Forward has now announced the next chapter of The Crew 2 called Season 6 Episode 2 Dominion Frozen. The next episode of Season 6 will be available to all players on September 14, 2022. It will challenge drivers with new icy tracks, introduce new vehicles, vanity items, LIVE Summits, and a fresh Motorpass. 041b061a72


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