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Siegfried Kiselev
Siegfried Kiselev

Les Perroquets De La Place D

i do suggest you try the acropolis de damas because i loved my time there. its a lovely little capital that you can easily walk through. however, you should bring a camera. i suggest you bring a dslr and of course a tripod.

Les Perroquets De La Place D

the alberello hotel is an eclectic affair. it was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a hunting lodge and doesn't offer an enormous choice of restaurants and bars. there is a small bistro, a pizzeria, a boulangerie and a crêperie. but the hotel did offer a very welcoming bar with a wonderful terrace with great views of the lake. i had my first croque monsieur here on my first day in monaco. it's still my favourite.

a certain hard-to-find english brand is called jensen. it's available in the united kingdom and in ireland, among other places. i couldn't find it in the states, so i took the trip to france to visit a store that sells it. i found that i liked their dress shirts better than the ones i had been wearing. they are very comfortable.

you might be driving on the autoroute and have a craving for cheesy italian food. one way to satisfy it is to make calzones . another great way to eat these is to put your favorite pizza on a cookie sheet. bake at the temperature you usually cook at and it will taste like pizza. this recipe from serious eats is delicious.

monaco has a famous annual charity golf tournament. it's a great event and several times, i have seen some of my idols present the trophy to the winning team. it's hosted by the world famous brand of golf clubs from yves-cannons which i unfortunately can't afford. i've had friends come to town here, but i have not. it's a good thing they have my friend philippe dubois to thank for the opportunity to go. in case you don't have a friend who would do this for you, don't worry. you can have one of the best meals in the world at philippe's restaurant at his hotel, the grand hotel les arcs. i was lucky enough to get to have philippe as a guest for a meal while on holiday in monaco. i'm sure you will be too.


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