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Siegfried Kiselev
Siegfried Kiselev

Reddit Best Racist Jokesl !!LINK!!

Call them out. You may decide that reporting or calling out racism is something you need to do, even if there are consequences. If you're in a management position, you may even be legally obligated to deal with racist remarks. It's also fine to call out racism without feeling obliged to change the other person's views. Sometimes, simply saying, "That's an offensive comment," might be the best course of action.

Reddit Best Racist Jokesl

First, there are a lot of cases where people who don't like racist speech on reddit might want to deploy the free speech claim, even when it doesn't fall within the bounds of Constitutionally-protected speech. For example, say that your employer sees your posts and fires you because she doesn't like your opinions. It seems like you might want to deploy the "free speech" argument in that case and wouldn't want your claims dismissed by someone saying "oh, well technically that doesn't count as constitutionally-protected free speech, so deal with it." I think a very legalistic view of free speech falls into the libertarian trap of worrying excessively about state power while ignoring private abuses of power. Freedom of Speech is intended to protect our ability to express ourselves from the power of the government. But why should we dismiss such protection when the threat is other powerful private actors (e.g., employers)?

I really used to love reddit and saw that racism and sexism was a problem, but I felt like SRS blew it out of proportion, that the upvoted sexist and racist things would always eventually get down voted.


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