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Winchester Model 190 Serial Number Search


Click the image below to download the PDF document containing the serial number date-range information on many Winchester firearms. You will need the Adobe Reader program to open this file. Adobe Reader is available free from Adobe.

There is probably some kernel of truth to all of them. But the fact remains; there is no original, single, totally accurate database of serial numbers from 1866 forward that we are aware of. But perhaps these pages can help you somewhat in your research.

There are no serial number records for the Model 190, so it is not possible to determine an exact date of manufacture. That said, the Model 190 was introduced in 1964, and was discontinued in 1977. The high serial number on your rifle would lead me to believe that it was made within just a few years of the 1977 discontinuance.

And just exactly why not A serial number provides no information other than the date of manufacture, and for the really old Winchesters (pre-1910) it can provide the ability to determine what the original as built configuration of the subject gun was.

Hi Bert, Thank you for the 180 - 190 clarification on my 22 rifle - I never noticed that before - would you happen to know or have an educated guess as to when serial number B857446 would have been manufactured

As I mentioned very early in the is topic string, there are no published lists of available records. That stated, the "B" prefix on the serial number was instituted in late 1968 after the GCA (Gun Control Act) of 1968 became law. Therefore, if the serial number does not have a "B" prefix, it was manufactured sometime in the 1964 - 1968 time frame.

Some of the odd serial numbered ones I have heard were a salesmans show piece. Not sure if it's true. They are a bit of a bear to clean. Mine shots shorts pretty decently, high velocity rounds probably would slam the bolt back pretty hard. As for jamming, not much until it starts getting dirty. I don't see them at gunshows very much. Probably the only reason I like it is I can run shorts through it. Prefer the Marlin 60 for ease of cleaning and accuracy.

I have one with stamped checkered stock and forearm similar to the 290,serial number B21476XX.Maybe mine was made very close to the end of the production run and Winchester used 290 forearm and stocks on it 1e1e36bf2d


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