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Couple Promise Rings as symbols What does the exchange of a ring mean?

Rings have been exchanged during marriages since ancient times. Although they had a different meaning in the past wedding rings are thought of as a symbol for devotion, loyalty, and love to a partner. This article will explain everything you need to know about wedding rings and their significance. It also explains the customs associated with ring exchange.

Wedding rings as symbols - an introduction to the history of wedding rings

In the past, only one ring would be given to the bride at the time of wedding. This was to show that the bride belonged to a family or an individual. The ring could also indicate that the man was the one who received the woman's dowry. This ring, which only the woman got, was typically made of iron.

In 855 AD, there was a change in trend in the field of rings exchanges: Pope Nicholas I gave the wedding band a new meaning. it was declared to be an Christian symbol of love, eternity and marriage. In the wedding ceremony, the future couple exchanged rings and swore eternal commitment and loyalty.

The wedding ring is an essential part of weddings at least since the 13th century. Since the time of the wedding ring, it has been a symbol of love and loyalty in the wedding. While traditionally, wedding rings were only exchanged during weddings in the church. Couples who are newlyweds have been fitting rings onto each other's hands in the registry office for decades.

Why is the ring a symbol of marriage?

The infinity of marriage is symbolized by the single ring with its unbroken curve. Two rings intertwined instead, represent the deep bond between the married couple, that can only be broken by destroying one of the rings. The two-in-one ring is frequently used as a symbol or logo for all things related to the wedding.

Superstitions and customs that surround the exchange of rings

There are certain customs regarding the exchange of rings, but there is also a bit of superstition. Get to know the most well-known of them below.

Which hand is the ring that is worn?

The answer to this question varies between different countries. While in Germany, it is traditionally worn on the right hand, in countries like Italy or the USA it is more popular on the left hand.

The ancient Romans also wore the wedding rings on the left hand, as they believed that the so-called vein of love led from the left ring finger directly to the heart. However, every couple should decide for themselves where the rings are to be worn.

Wearing the same rings

One tradition that's not widely known is the custom of wearing the same wedding rings. According to this custom newlyweds must wear identical rings, if possible, made of the same material, design, etc. The only thing that may differ is the size. This is an indication of the agreement within the family and also the bond that couples create on the day of the marriage.

The first test for marriage is to reach an agreement on the same style and design of wedding rings. This means that personal preferences and desires are put aside in favor of the marriage and all decisions are made in the spirit of 'we'.

Don't wear anyone else's wedding rings

Another custom states that wedding rings should be new and never worn by anyone else. There is a superstition that wearing wedding rings can cause bad luck for the couple who is in love. Likewise, one's own wedding rings should not be gifted to others. It is said that if an acquaintance wears one's wedding ring, the bride will cheat.

The purpose of putting rings on

The act of putting the rings on is said to reveal the future of the marriage. It is believed that if the ring slides over the finger of the woman easily and the man is in control. If it is positioned in the middle of the ring, the woman is the one in charge.

The loss of the wedding ring

Another belief states that the wedding band should never be lost or dropped as it could bring bad luck or the end of an engagement.

The ring exchange is a part of religious significance.

When it comes to the exchange of rings, there are different rules based on religion. Find out more about it below.

Wedding rings in Christianity

In a variety of Christian church writings, the two intertwined ring symbols are used to symbolize the union. The connection can only be broken if one of the two were to be broken - this is a symbol of "until death do you part". The rings are blessed prior the vows and then exchanged right following the ceremony. The bride and groom will be blessed.

Wedding rings in Judaism

The bride receives her so-called wedding band from her husband beneath the chuppah (a wedding canopy) in an traditional Jewish marriage. Tradition dictates that it has to be plain, without any engravings or stones. The bride is not allowed to place a ring on the groom's finger under the chuppah.

After the wedding the bride can receive a ring decorated by her husband. She could also give the ring as a present to her partner.

Wedding rings in Islam

In Islam the actual ceremony of wedding is usually quite simple. It is not uncommon to have only two people marry and have two witnesses be present in front of the imam to declare their intention to marry. The subsequent celebrations however, are extremely important for many couples and often last for a few days.

Muslim couples also put rings on their fingers to commemorate their wedding. According to the Koran, men are not permitted to wear gold. Wedding rings are more likely to be made of titanium, palladium or platinum.


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