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George Talmage
George Talmage

Public Administration By Dr Sultan Khan Pdfl Fix

DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES.The course gives an overview of public administration concepts,management theories,political issues and administrative functions. The students will learn basic terms and cocepts of governance and public administration and how to apply them; how governments are organized,including the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities associated with executive, administrative and judical powers; how public administration prvides a background for understanding public institutions and processes;and the relationship between the principles of democracy and public administration.

Public Administration By Dr Sultan Khan Pdfl


INTENDED COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES.1- At the end of this course, students are expected to have basic understanding regarding public administration concepts, management theroies, political issues and administrative functions.2- It is expounded the sufficient knowledge about law relating to public administration in its social, legal and political background.3- To provide basice infomation regarding the activity of state performed by the Cente, Provincial and Local government and their principles and tools of administration for maintaining good governance in a democratic state.

a) all projects subject to the May 2010 or later dated revisions to the Procurement Guidelines and Consultant Guidelines; and b) to all projects subject to earlier editions of the Procurement Guidelines and Consultant Guidelines for which the legal agreements have been amended to give effect to the cross-debarment regime, with the exception of projects in the following countries for which such amendments have not taken effect: 1. Federative Republic of Brazil (not including States and other financing recipients in Brazil) 2. Bulgaria 3. State of Eritrea 4. Republic of Kazakhstan (not including Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating company - KEGOC) 5. Republic of Kenya 6. Serbia 076b4e4f54


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