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This note describes an agonistic encounter between two free-ranging wild adult collared peccary males in the central region of the Brazilian Pantanal. To our knowledge, this is the first case of male-male aggressive interaction under natural conditions that resulted in the death of the defeated individual. We recorded the sequence of aggressive behaviors on 18 August 2007 at 5:02 p.m. in the Embrapa Pantanal Nhumirim ranch (1858'32"S; 5638'14"W), state of Mato Grosso, Central Brazil. The study area is about 112 m above sea level and is composed of a mosaic of permanent and temporary ponds, forest patches, savanna, scrub savanna and seasonally flooded grasslands. The site was reached with an all terrain vehicle and the behavior of collared peccaries was video-recorded for a total 2 min and 9 sec with a digital photographic camera.

Since permanent exchange of individuals between herds does not occur as frequently as fluctuations in the herd size (Schweinsburg, 1971), it is thought that the attack observed here in wild collared peccaries may have occurred between a solitary male trying to join a herd, but being repulsed by a resident male. In addition, it is likely that the aggressive behavior between collared peccaries described here was not a casual attack, but occurred more than once in the last two weeks prior to the death of the defeated animal, due to the presence of well-developed screwworms in his wounds. In a previous study of social behavior of free-ranging collared peccaries, 4.8% of total behavior was agonistic and only 13.7% of this involved physical contact, but wounds or bleeding were not observed (Byers & Bekoff, 1981). Overall, serious fighting resulting in death is thought to be rare within wild herds, and although Lochmiller and Grant (1982) reported an agonistic encounter in captivity resulting in death, it has never been reported in field studies elsewhere.

Finally, we suggest that the aggression between these two males free-living collared peccaries may have been caused by competition for estrous female, because the dominant male does virtually all the breeding and subordinate males are not allowed to approach females in estrus (Ingmarsson, 1999). Dominant males of captive herd are large in body weight, have higher concentration of testosterone than subordinates, and are the most successful breeders (Hellgren et al., 1989). Only one male marks the territory with his dorsal gland and has conflict with others herd members, principally when a female is among the males (Nogueira-Filho, Nogueira & Sato, 1999). Furthermore, fights with physical injury between collared peccary males are observed only when a female is in estrous and usually occur when two peccaries are matched closely in size (Bissonette, 1982). Thus, we advocate the dispute for females as the more plausible cause of the agonistic encounter between these free-ranging adult males that resulted in the death of the defeated animal. 041b061a72


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