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Buy Bulk Towels Online

Towel Super Center makes finding and buying economy, premium and deluxe towels easy! You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you buy towels in bulk from Towel Super Center, because the more you order, the more you save. Towel Super Center takes pride in allowing you to buy cheap towels that have superior quality. Some may think of poor quality when they hear "cheap towels for sale," but we strive to change our customers stigma behind the word, cheap. We make supplying your hotel, gym or salon fast, easy and inexpensive. You can even buy premium wholesale towels for your home, pool or beach house for less money than you ever thought possible! Just browse our selection of white, colored and patterned towels, and see for yourself why Towel Super Center is your online home for wholesale pricing and incredible value.

buy bulk towels online

When you purchase linens from Towel Super Center, your purchases will stand up to heavy use and repeated washings. Choose our striped towel so you can tell the difference between the pool towels and the bath towels, or find just the right colored, bleach-safe towels to match your carefully-planned décor! Did we mention that our wholesale towels and sheets also come in a large range of sizes?

From washcloths and bath mats to terry cloth towels in bulk or towels for your kitchen, pool, bathroom, gym, garage, sports team, car wash or barber shop, Towel Super Center has the products you need in the right colors, sizes and prices. When it comes to getting the prices you want and the quality you expect, Towel Super Center should be your first choice.

Each towel is extra absorbent and for multi-purpose use. We offer great savings on volume purchases, They are as low as $0.24 cents per towels on our wholesale washcloths our towels are mainly used in health clubs, nursing homes, pet grooming shop , hospice & hospitals. Our economy wholesale towels are not your every day luxury towels.

Offering budget wholesale towels which is mainly made for commercial use, they are rough terry loop, perfect for cleaning the toughest spot and ideal for pet grooming shop and any other use, You can buy a dozen or multiple quantity, We do offer bulk wholesale pricing on our towels which is suitable for every one.

They are an excellent towel for many events such as concerts, football games, basketball games, baseball games, weddings and many more. Minimum order quantity to buy our towels are 1 dozen or you can always buy as much as you desire for volume discount.

At D-ZEE, you will find a range of sizes, designs, and colors, making it simple to choose the perfect type of Cheap Beach Towels in Bulk for any property. Durable carton packaging keeps the loops uniform and safe from becoming compressed, increases the life of towels, and helps in easy storage and handling. Being America's leading supplier of Cheap Beach Towels in Bulk, we are committed to providing you with the greatest products at the best prices, as well as the fastest, friendliest, and most customer-focused service in the industry. Rather than purchasing towels in small groups or, worse, individually, order wholesale towels from D-ZEE to ensure that you have a sufficient supply at a reasonable price.

D-ZEE's affordable Wholesale Beach Towels are designed to keep your guests dry and are constructed of high-quality material that quickly whisks away moisture and absorbs nearly three times more water than a standard cotton towel. Browse through our collection of super-soft, highly-durable, and bleach resistant towels, designed for hotels near beaches and resorts with exotic pools. Our range of towels is made to last and woven to withstand numerous launderings. Our Wholesale Pool Towels are incredibly soft to the touch, making them the ideal alternative for facilities seeking for a great deal at affordable prices.

Texon Towel is the best resource to shop for top quality color bath towels. We offer large selection of Wholesale Bath Towels in different sizes at the best possible prices. We stock premium bath towels, washcloths and hand towels that will keep you one step ahead of your competition. Economy line hand towels are perfect for gyms, athletics and more!

If you prefer to order online, our system is quite simple and all towels listed on our website should match the quantities that we have in stock. All towel orders generally ship the same business day, if ordered in the morning. If ordered in the afternoon, they will ship the next business day. When your towels ship, you will receive an automated shipping and tracking notice so that you may track your towel order directly to your gym, club or athletic facility. You will also receive an invoice emailed to you for your records.

Gym Towels in colors-Our 100% cotton towels are soft and durable. Most offerings are 3.25 lb/dz+ to take the abuse of the high quantity of commercial washings in a sports environment. We also offer 84/14 Cotton/Poly blend towels in several 4.00-5.00 lb options. Call for options on the super premium gym towels.

Bleach Resistant Gym Towels-If you are looking for towels that keep their color and take the abuse of personal hygiene products that can discolor your towels, check out our bleach resistant options.

Economy White Gym Towels-Our economy gym towels are made for gyms or clubs with high volumes of patrons or needing to maintain a budget. Constructed of what we refer to a 10 Single Yarn these towels have a rougher feel but get the job done at a value price. Normally these towels are lower in weight or GSM, grams per square meter.

Center Stripe Gym Towels- Gym towels with center stripes are offered in 3 sizes, 1627 hand, 2244 small shower, 2448 standard shower. We stock these with 4 color options, black, gold, blue, and green. Great for identification and for a nominal amount of money work as well as our economy towels but make them much more identifiable.

Gym Towels/Shower Towels- Standard sized shower towels for gym patrons start at the 2450 size and work their way up. We recommend having a quick chat about your needs and likely sending samples to you prior to your first purchase.

For upscale facilities, gym towels are provided for convenience. Oftentimes, gym members take a shower after their workouts before heading off to work. Providing bath towels is a thoughtful service that they will appreciate. Premium white gym towels are made from ring spun cotton, so they are soft and provide maximum comfort. Also, they are economical when you buy these gym towels in bulk.

All of our Towels are made in Turkey with 100% Turkish Genuine Cotton, pretty softer & more durable because Turkey is the only country that does not use any bleach in the manufacturing process, including white towels. These towels are Vat Dyed which means the dye is infused into the yarns under high pressure and high temperature for 6-12 hours depending upon the color. This limits any fading of even the brightest colors. Even white towels are dyed white, not bleach white. For maximum color retention and softness, do not use any bleach when washing these towels. You will feel the softness immediately, and the towels will get softer after each washing. And by using only %100 Turkish Genuine Cotton and double-stitching all the hems the durability is unequaled. These towels should last you many years! Soft and Absorbent The fluffy towel set is woven with zero-twist yarn, thus making it super soft, plush, and extra absorbent. The stylish border gives it a sophisticated and luxurious look. Easy to Use These towels are machine washable. Tumble dry low for drying. Always follow the care instructions written on the label for best results.

Stock up on stylish bath linens with this eight-piece towel set! Crafted of 500-GSM cotton, each piece in this set features an absorbent cotton loop weave, while a contrasting stripe motif lends a preppy pop of pattern. Including two bath towels (54'' L x 27'' W), two hand towels (28'' L x 16'' W), two fingertip towels (18.5'' L x 11.75'' W), and two washcloths (13'' L x 13'' W), this set can be machine washed and tumble dried for fuss-free upkeep.

Update your shower space with the Callicoon 6-Piece Towel Set. This exquisite bundle is crafted with premium Egyptian Cotton Pile and includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 face towels. This set comes in an array of lively, solid colors that make a wonderful accent adorning your master or guest bath.

You deserve a little luxury at the end of a long day or at the beginning of a new one. Soft, cozy, and elegant towels can help you turn your house into a haven and your bathroom into a little spa. A gorgeous color scheme will make your bedroom appear as though it belongs in a magazine.

Living Fashions is your online hub for all wholesale related merchandise related to Home Textiles, Kitchen Textiles, Apparel & Hosiery. We import directly so we can give you the best prices possible in order to help you grow your bottom line!

Towels are a necessity in our daily lives. Whether it's for personal use, hospitality, or other industries, everyone needs a towel. Our towels offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to buy towels in bulk. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about wholesale towels, including the types of towels available, their uses, and how to choose the right supplier.

There are several types of towels available in the market, including bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, beach towels, and more. Bath towels are the most common type of towel and are available in various sizes and materials, including cotton, microfiber, and bamboo. Hand towels and washcloths are smaller in size and are used for drying hands and face. Beach towels are larger and thicker than regular towels, and they are designed to absorb water quickly. Our towels comprise of a variety of weights, starting from 400gsm all the way up to 700gsm

Wholesale towels are used in various industries, including hospitality, healthcare, beauty, and more. In the hospitality industry, hotels, motels, and resorts use towels for guest rooms, pools, and spa areas. Healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics, use towels for patient care and hygiene. Beauty salons, spas, and gyms use towels for clients and members. 041b061a72


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