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EPOCHTALK: A Journey Together

Pyroc is proud to sponsor a new podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of everyday first responders and the military. 


Listen in while they share how they are digging in and persevering as they face the trials of their job. 


This podcast is a place where civilians can learn what it's like to be a protector, and where protectors can find the strength to persevere. 


Host Angel Powers and guests Jadie Miller and Dr. Michelle O'Neill talk about the challenges first responders face, their goals of this unique podcast and their 360 Care Clinic, dedicated to optimizing the health of first responders. 


Brendan Hynes a retired military officer, shares his story of grappling with a traumatic brain injury and a close call with suicide, and his journey to becoming an advocate and voice for others.

Brendan's story continues, listen as he and his wife Crystal share where they are now and their vision behind Buddy Check coffee 

episode 3.png

All in one moment, police officer Andy Varao is forever changed by the possible shortfalls of our justice system. 

A man arrested and previously jailed had now slipped through the cracks to walk the streets only to find his way into taking Andy to the edge of his life.  Listen as he and his wife Lyn, a police dispatcher for the same department share how they are taking this difficult journey together and persevering. 

In part 2 Angel and Andy dive deeper into his journey to recovery, and touches on the troubling increase in violence against police officers. 

episode 4.png

Childhood friend Brad Miller, a firefighter from Ontario, drives to Nova Scotia to just ‘be there’  for RCMP officer Ryan Wilson. Ryan talks openly about living with PTSD, how he got it, how he’s managing it and his shift from not believing it could happen to him,  to now taking an active role in protecting others from getting it.  Listen while these childhood buddies chat about some of the differences found in firefighting and policing. 

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