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Angel Powers

Therapist, Founder

Hi there! My name is Angel Powers. I am a therapist whose training began with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based modality that helps people recognize the interrelation between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. My professional journey began amidst the challenges of a tumultuous and dysfunctional family lifestyle during my formative years. This early tumult led to a profound struggle with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, culminating in a pivotal breaking point in my early 20s.

CBT is a structured model that also focuses on how the body responds to thoughts and feelings. I incorporate mindfulness concepts and cognitive flexibility techniques to reframe disruptive thought patterns. My therapeutic direction includes a trauma-informed approach, helping clients navigate life changes, grief and loss, feeling stuck, enhancing relationships, and processing difficult memories. I received training from the Beck Institute of CBT in 2018 and have integrated many other modalities into my therapy practice.

I help people understand themselves and how they respond to their environment, exploring internal dynamics and integrating different aspects of themselves for holistic healing and self-acceptance. I help you understand the parts of yourself that get activated in your daily life.

I teach you how to be in relationship with your parts, give yourself what you need, and learn to live in less extreme ways. For example, if you have a critical part, together we discover this part, learn how it got this inner voice, what its purpose is in your life (often to keep you safe), and give it a different dialogue. We do not dismiss your parts or shame them away. We learn to accept ourselves exactly where we are. In addition to traditional forms of therapy, I also assist people in developing their spiritual selves, offering an existential perspective to uncover purpose and meaning behind life's experiences through a personalized lens.

I don't just teach this modality of healing, I live it. Continuing my commitment to self-healing, my daily routine now integrates mindfulness practices, a focus on optimal hydration and sleep, and continuous educational pursuits. While the challenges that steered me towards therapy and my professional field have been effectively addressed, they remain an integral part of my identity. My journey is my own, your journey is your own. Together, we can explore and find a path for you.

Fun fact: I have a 2 year old Golden Retriever and faithful work companion Dakota (Friend, ally)—soon to be your best friend too. I am also a fur mom to a 7 year old Beagle Camden (She's named after the baseball diamond in Baltimore) and Bella the Cat! I also have a human child (18). I love baseball and golf. I regularly attend a hot yoga studio, cultivating self-love through practice. Additionally, I find humour essential and often inject it into the most unexpected moments. In my most recent academic pursuits, I found a love for research. I wrote a book! It was published April 2024. From Grit to Grace: My Hard Knocks Journey From Lost and Vulnerable to Self- Healing and Secure.

Angel Powers
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