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Angel Powers

Therapist, Founder

Dedicated to the transformative power of healing, my professional journey began amidst the challenges of a tumultuous and dysfunctional family lifestyle during my formative years. This early tumult led to a profound struggle with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, culminating in a pivotal breaking point in my early 20s.

Taking a strategic pause from formal academics for a decade, I embarked on a profound exploration of diverse healing modalities. This immersive journey included intensive study and application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Spirituality, and Trauma-Informed practices.

Continuing my commitment to self-healing, my daily routine now integrates mindfulness practices, a focus on optimal hydration and sleep, and continuous educational pursuits. While the challenges that steered me towards therapy and my professional field have been effectively addressed, they remain an integral part of my identity. This realization fuels my approach to this second chance with profound gratitude and an unwavering commitment to never take it for granted. My journey is my own, your journey is your own. Together, we can explore and find a path for you.

The evolution of my transformative journey laid the foundation for the establishment of Mainstream Therapy Services, where I assume a leadership role. In my professional practice, I employ an eclectic modality, drawing from the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, cognitive reframing, trauma-informed therapy, and psychoeducation, all within the framework of a holistic systems approach.

As a clinician, my purpose transcends traditional therapy. I am devoted to guiding individuals through the process of healing from their past, empowering them to shape the life they desire, and facilitating the rebalancing of their body's nervous system. My focus on the nuanced aspects of each individual allows for a targeted approach to neutralizing the impact of past experiences, ultimately fostering holistic well-being.

Fun fact: I have a genuine zest for life that energizes me each day. Nature's elements play a key role in enhancing my well-being. Meet Dakota, my Golden Retriever and faithful work companion—soon to be your best friend too. I regularly attend a hot yoga studio, cultivating self-love through practice. Additionally, I find humour essential and often inject it into the most unexpected moments. Oh yeah, I wrote a book, scheduled for publication in Spring 2024 (I might down play that a bit).

Angel Powers
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