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Angel Powers

Founder, Therapist

My healing journey began after experiencing the trauma of a dysfunctional chaotic family lifestyle throughout my childhood years. This led me to tumultuous years, combatting anxiety, depression, PTSD, and a breaking point in my early 20s after having my son and experiencing postpartum depression disguised as unhealed childhood wounds.

I began my self-healing journey soon after, by becoming a trained therapist, and successfully practicing traditional models of therapy until 2019, when I embarked on a journey to deepen my healing process, by training my intuition, learning about energy and how our deep subconscious affects how we show up in our life today.

This training has been the foundation of Mainstream Therapy services, and my leadership role, where intuitive work and energy coaching helps me to see the deep seeded route as to why my clients are seeking healing today.

My role as a clinician is to help you heal from The past, create the life you want, and neutralize your bodies’ nervous system by focusing on healing the inner child.

Fun fact: I love spending time outside chasing waterfalls, playing baseball community, hanging out with my son and family, and volunteer work.

Angel Powers
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