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Joanne Van Nieuwenhove

Client Care Specialist

After dedicating 22 years to a corporate finance career, a longing for change became undeniable. Health concerns and family responsibilities drove my decision to step back, prompting a reevaluation of my priorities. Embracing this transition, I took on part-time roles, embracing ongoing learning, and skill diversification—especially crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic. Amidst this, I uncovered joy and creativity in crafting wood signs.

Softball has been a lifelong passion, offering connections and friendships. Meeting Angel on the field deepened our bond through conversations about life, journeys, mental health, and the role of first responders. This connection led me to the MST team, where my financial and office background flourishes. I strive to bolster MST clinicians, ensuring their support while fostering a client-friendly atmosphere for essential care.

My ambition centers on being an unwavering MST team member—using my expertise to enhance dynamics and facilitating a comfortable space for clients. The ultimate aim is to stand as a dependable MST pillar, collaborating seamlessly with clinicians to create an environment of care and support.

Joanne Van Nieuwenhove
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