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Samantha English


Hi! My name is Samantha, although I am often referred to as Samm. I am Samm, “Samm I am.” If you didn’t quite catch the reference, I have not yet tried green eggs and ham.
I am creating this bio as a place to start when getting to know me. I am going to include some information about my credentials and my journey, drizzling them together with a bit of my personality.
In the year of 2019, I had a pivot in career choice, and I went on to pursue a diploma in Social Service Work. Throughout this time, I walked alongside both youth and adults experiencing unique mental health challenges including crisis, life hardships, loss, grief, and trauma. Working with people from different backgrounds, different age categories, and different family systems, prompted me to seek ongoing education. As such, I have completed workshops and additional trainings, and in April 2024 I completed my Honours Degree in Counselling Psychology.
As a helper, I have a unique understanding for the complexity that life can bring, and I commonly approach situations from a person-centered and trauma informed lens. I advocate and promote that all individuals deserve to feel heard, to be welcomed with understanding and compassion, and to feel seen without judgement.
I believe in accountability and transparency and therefore as a helper I owe you transparency in my expertise, and I hold myself accountable in continuing to adapt relevant and beneficial education that will help inform the way I practice.
Knowing zero information about you, I am going to guess that finding your “right fit” brings up some questions, some feelings, and maybe some hesitations. I am hopeful wherever you might be in your journey that you find comfort in knowing you get to decide who walks alongside you in this process.
Have you ever gone online to find that one item, and before you know it you have added several items to your cart, only to leave the page without purchasing a single one? Finding a counsellor can have similarities to this analogy, and that is why a consultation can be an essential first step. A consultation can give you the satisfaction of “trying the item on.”
If I happen to seem like that item in the cart that you are unsure about, I encourage you to reach out for a 15-minute consultation that can help aid in making an informed decision when selecting your “right fit.”

Samantha English
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