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Tish Binzangi

Therapist - Not Currently Accepting New Clients

I have always had a growing passion for supporting individuals in the community. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always known that I would help others discover their innate resilience and encourage them to find the confidence to grow and flourish, no matter their circumstances.

As someone who has experienced a lot as a child, I’ve always made it my responsibility to work with children and youth and remind them of their worth and endless potential.

In today’s evolving society, it is so easy for children and youth to become consumed by the world, creating a lot of undue strain. I strive to mentor, motivate, and empower youth in our community. When working with young people, my number one goal is to become a safe person to connect with; then, I provide them with skills, tools, and resources that will help encourage them to believe in themselves, challenge themselves, and be gentle with themselves.

Growing up talking about mental health and seeking therapy was out of the norm, and my job today is to remind individuals that mental health is just as important as physical health. My experiences and my journey navigating the mental health system have inspired me to support individuals on their journeys to health and wellness. As I work with children, youth, and families, I strive to encourage individuals to take the first steps towards improving their mental health while helping them build on their strengths while also helping them discover new ones.

Although I strive to promote positive mental health with skills and resources, my best way to support someone is to listen. I believe in holistic healing and that our mind, body, and soul deserve nurturing. I explore various areas when working with individuals to help them grow, learn, and heal in many different areas of their lives. My gentle approach to therapy encourages others to explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions at their own pace.

I’ve always led myself into careers that were the most rewarding, and to me, there is nothing me wholesome than being there to support and witness individuals go through and grow through their experiences.

Fun fact: I now work at the high school that I went to as a student! Still have a hard time calling my colleagues by their first name when all I’ve known them as for years is Madame and Monsieur.

Tish Binzangi
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