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Wanda Tucker


Your focus: Helping those living with self-harming behaviours, depression, and anxiety, by focusing on personal strengths and improving self esteem; Supporting those adjusting to life’s many transitions such as aging, career changes, life after divorce, and empty nesters; And finally, assisting members and their families with the unique challenges that accompany life in the military, eg, postings, deployments, IR, and employment/education transitions. Working with military members and their families for the past 12 years has provided me with a keen understanding of the many roadblocks that accompany this lifestyle. Fortunately, it has also allowed me to build an extensive list of tools and resources that can be utilized to help you navigate the journey.

Tell us why you do what you do or how you started here: Growing up poor and isolated made me believe that I would never have the life that “the privileged” enjoyed and I felt this way well into my 20’s. One twist of fate however, made the impossible, possible. One turn of events changed the course of my life and taught me that we are all stronger than we think. Sometimes we just need a little help seeing it. I really enjoy helping clients see the strength within themselves. And then looking beyond to find that one turn of events that could totally change the course of their lives.

Fun Facts: I am originally from “The Rock” and love to interact with people. I strongly believe that kindness can literally change a life. I also believe with all my heart that the Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup in my lifetime.

Wanda Tucker
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