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Working at Mainstream

I have wanted to write a Blog Post for Mainstream Therapy ever since starting my role here in January, but thought, “What would I even write about? I’m not a therapist!”. Turns out, I don’t need to be a therapist. I believe that everyone has something that they can share with others, no matter their role or title. So, let’s get into it!

Prior to joining the team at Mainstream Therapy, I was a frontline healthcare worker who had become burnt out. I technically had the “fun” job in a Long-Term Care Home, facilitating games, activities, outings, and crafts with the Residents. As a Recreation Therapist this was an incredible first opportunity in the field, where I also had the chance to deeply practice empathy for others. The thing was: I was no longer able to show myself this same empathy. I couldn’t practice self-care and, due to the effects of COVID-19 in this sector, my role in the Long-Term Care Home no longer aligned with who I was and who I wanted to be. I realized that I needed to find a new opportunity if I wanted to best take care of myself.

As you might have already guessed, the new opportunity I decided to jump into was the Administrative Assistant role here, at Mainstream. Mainstream’s four pillar values of Transparency, Integrity, Love, and Growth (Read more about these here: About | Mainstream Therapy) deeply spoke to me and I knew I had found a place of work where I could be who I truly am; open and caring, with the goal of always remaining teachable. The change in me began immediately upon starting my new role! I was finally able to take a deep breath and begin healing from burn out. Even my mom humorously commented that I was becoming “less grouchy” as this healing has progressed.

That’s the story of how I got here, but why am I sharing this story? Because of what I learned from it. I learned that being true to who I am and taking risks on myself was so, so worth it and imperative to me healing. I understand that there is a high level of privilege associated with being able to change my employment situation, and the risk of this change is not something act upon lightly or with little thought. For me, this risk was exactly what I needed to do to take care of myself. I’ve found a renewed sense of purpose, while also allowing myself to grow into the person I only hoped I could become. Someone who can look in a mirror and say with honesty, “I love myself. I am worthy. I am growing and changing for the better.”. I could not have gotten here if I did not take responsibility in changing my situation and without the supportive environment of Mainstream Therapy.

You can experience this too! Mainstream Therapy’s environment and culture was created specifically for optimizing the healing of our clients. I’m lucky enough to have been exposed to it and heal myself. I see the positive difference in our clients every day. Why not take a risk on yourself? Why not start healing? You are so worth it!

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