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[S2E8] Stories UPD

To mark the Advent season, this is the first of two companion episodes examining the birth stories of John The Baptist and Jesus the Christ as recorded in Scripture. My husband Ben and I go through the passage together, pulling out themes of interest, asking questions, and sharpening our thinking. To get the most out of this episode, we encourage you to read Luke 1 before listening. Our hope is that this show will encourage your own Bible study and exploration of Scripture.

[S2E8] Stories

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In an analysis of local news stories run in the year leading up to prosecutorial elections, Wright found that "whatever case was on the local television news or in the local newspaper, win or lose, that's the case that people were talking about during campaign events. ... Nothing about the big policies." This might help explain why Doug Evans has fought so hard to win a conviction in the Curtis Flowers case.

Sharing stories in leadership, education, parenting, and travel. Join our coffee house style conversations as we meet inspirational and innovative people sharing their stories of impact in their families, communities, businesses, and personal lives.

At A+E Networks EMEA, we share stories that matter. A global broadcaster since 1995, we reach audiences in over 100 countries, including the UK, Nordics, Benelux, Central & Eastern Europe, Spain, Italy, Germany, Africa and the Middle East. Our stories are global and local, linear and digital, and always compelling.

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Furthermore, formally speaking, to shape an episode so that it has everything that should be in it and nothing else, you sometimes need a bit of flexibility on the running time, which was practically never available on networks and very limited on cable. This episode is 45 minutes long, about half again as long as most episodes of Ted. A lot of extra-long episodes are just muddled and not edited enough, but some episodes use that flexibility sparingly to let stories unspool as they should, and I think Ted produces the latter more often than the former.

Welcome to the childcare business podcast brought to you by ProCare solutions. This podcast is all about giving childcare , preschool daycare after school and other early education professionals, a fun and upbeat way to learn about strategies and inspiration you can use to thrive. You'll hear from a variety of childcare thought leaders, including educators, owners, and industry experts on ways to innovate, to meet the needs of the children you serve from practical tips for managing operations, to uplifting stories of transformation and triumph. This podcast will be chalk full of insights. You can use to fully realize the potential of your childcare business. Let's jump in

Sure. Thanks so much, Ryan. Yeah. So there's a number of different ways, depending on what you know, you're , you're considering. So if you're look , if you listen to that episode and you're like, I want more content like this, I wanna hear more of what Connie has to say on , on these topics. We have our podcast, the schools of excellence podcasts , um, where I do basically all of the episodes. We've had very few guests. I do mostly the content on my own. Um, right now we are doing , um, an entire series on you're not the only one. And so we have a special series where we've interviewed , um , multiple owners and leaders sharing their personal stories so that when you listen, you understand, you're not the only one. Um, so that's a super exciting series that we are excited to launch. We have some other series there on ordinary moments. Um, so just really great content where you can learn and understand you're not the only one and you will figure this out and you're gonna be okay. So that's the first thing from a content perspective. If you're looking for you wanna get connected with schools of excellence, you wanna work with our organization. Um, you could go to the DIC. We'll give that , that link inside the show notes. And that gives you all the information on our schools of excellence coaching program, our directors in our circle, our owner HQ program, where we work with directors and owners. Um, and this is for the person who's like, yes, I need training. I want coaching. I want community. I really, really want to be connected. Um, and I want someone to help guide me to shorten my learning curve so that I can enjoy the process. So I can be part of this and not feel like every day is like, oh my gosh, like, can I make it through today? Yes, you, can you have that inside of you? So I would say those are the two places that I would send , uh , your listeners. 041b061a72


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