Angel Powers

Therapist, RSSW

Hi, my name is Angel Powers and welcome to Mainstream Therapy.  I offer comfortable and secure online counseling.  Blending traditional and non-traditional frameworks for mental health and self awareness, my job is to help you understand and accept the pieces that make you, you. We look at the strengths you already have and build upon those. We also look at areas of improvement and collectively work on strategies to enhance your life.  I truly believe that each person inherently knows what’s best for them to live their best life, I am a supportive role to help you discover how to get there. 

My Approach

Live your best life

We are complex creatures, each and every one of us is unique.  My approach to therapy is therefore multi-faceted, enriched with training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, mainstream modalities, and my own personal growth. I offer individual counseling, child and youth counseling, and mindfulness meditation.

I take a creative and critical thinking perspective to problem solving, guiding you to find the answers within.  My approach is comfortable and empathetic.  These are traits that have always come natural to me, and I pursued this vocation because of my inherent drive to help people. 


Your journey is your journey. I’m a neutral party and active participant. Together we will set goals and achieve them... I will help you get the most out of the life you want.


Contact Me

I welcome you to book a complimentary 30 minute telephone consultation so that we may discuss your needs and my approach to therapy to ensure a good fit.

81-289 Broward Way
Innisfil ON, L9S 0M4