We are complex creatures, each and every one of us is unique



At Mainstream Therapy we offer a comfortable atmosphere for people to work through challenges and opportunities in their lives.  We take a holistic approach to healing by helping people discover their natural gifts and strengths though a multifaceted framework.  We are all wired a little differently, at Mainstream Therapy we honour the differences of each client and work with you to create an individualized approach to counselling. We recognize that you are expert of you and might require some guidance and support to understand that yourself. It would be our greatest pleasure to take the journey of healing along side you. We aim to be Canada’s number one healing platform for personal and professional self-care needs. Mainstream Therapy was opened after founder Angel Powers noticed service gaps in the traditional therapy model. Blending traditional models of therapy, spirituality, and energy healing in one hub to meet the needs of all people, while de-stigmatizing the therapy process.



We offer traditional and non-traditional therapy to people seeking healing and change. Whether your session will be in a garden surrounded by the tranquility of nature, on a boat with a fishing rod in the water, relaxing around a campfire, or in a comfortable home like setting. Our goal is to destigmatize the counselling, healing, and  therapy process in a warm and inviting place. Our clinicians and employees are active in their own healing journey on a path of continued growth and wellness, while we will never claim to be perfect we will always work at deepening or levels of consciousness for the greater good of humanity.

Mainstream Therapy is built in congruence with the four pillar values transparency, integrity, love, and growth. Everything we do with clients, ourselves, and each other is in alignment with these values.


  • Truth - we speak and honor truth with ourselves and each other. 

  • Honesty - nothing is hidden; what you see is what you get. Self-responsibility 

  • Concise - we will always aim to communicate clearly 

  • Consistency - our actions are in alignment with our pillar values. We treat our clients, ourselves, and each other the same.

  • Genuine - to be authentic; we rip the world off of our greatness when we are being anything other than ourselves. We expect you to be you.


  • Respect - we will treat each other the way we would treat our family pet! We will always aim to be respectful and curious for every living thing.

  • Loyalty - we will honor our alliance with each other working towards the greater good of Mainstream Therapy, it’s clients, its staff, and its partners.

  • Congruence -  We at Mainstream Therapy are in harmony with the common goals of our mission. We will do this by taking care of ourselves before we share ourselves with each other.

  • Ethics - the way we represent ourselves and our company will be done in an ethical way...help. 

  • Leadership - the culture Mainstream Therapy is ours to own. Each of us is here to work towards a common goal for the betterment of the group. Each of us leaders, taking pride in guiding and leading each other.


  • Win/Win - using the mindset of win win solutions, Mainstream Therapy is interested in handling all conflicts, decisions, and partnerships from a win/win mindset.

  • Tender - we show gentleness, kindness and affection in all that we do.

  • Compassion - understanding and recognizing the value and worth in others. We work from the mindset of I stand with you, you have value, you are important.

  • Empathy - the ability to understand the emotional needs of others. It’s sensing and feeling on a cellular level the emotional state of another being. A total and complete allowance for another living being to be who they are.


  • Responsibility - I am but responsible for myself. Taking ownership of ourselves emotionally, intellectually, and behaviourally. 

  • Self-Care - I am responsible for my self-care and the journey of my own healing. The human experience is a journey of continued growth and change. Caring and honoring yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to constantly work at being the best version of myself. 

  • Change - to make better. You are in no competition with anyone but yourself. The old you, the version of yourself that you no longer wish to be. We are not defined by the lines and words that stand before you today, we are an ever changing wheel in constant need of growth. 

  • Fun  - Fun is integrated into the way we service our clients, our staff, and each other. Fun and Play is an essential part of growth. While we value growth we put the same value on growing through fun and play. 

Our Approach

Live your best life

We are complex creatures, each and every one of us is unique.  Our approach to therapy is therefore multi-faceted, enriched with training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mainstream modalities, and our own personal growth. We offer individual counselling, child and youth counselling, couples counselling, family counselling and mindfulness meditation.

Our team takes a creative and critical thinking perspective to problem solving, guiding you to find the answers within.  Our approach is comfortable and empathetic.  These are traits that have always come natural to us, and we pursued this vocation because of our inherent drive to help people. 


Your journey is your journey. We are a neutral party and active participant. Together we will set goals and achieve them...

We will help you get the most out of the life you want.

Misty Valley


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