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Courtney Perry

Therapist, Clinical Manager

I started work in this field in research and academic settings including Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the University of Toronto. While I've always enjoyed academia and technical work, I was not satisfied working 'in the background' and wanted the human connection of seeing my own clients.

With this in mind, I went on to complete my education to transition from neuroscience to social services. From there I gained experience for several years in the helping fields before connecting with Angel and joining Mainstream Therapy in 2020. I am always working to bridge to practicality of a science-based psychology practice with the humanistic perspective of social service work.

One of the most important values in my practice in non-judgement. Life is complex, and every client should feel that their unique experiences are accepted in my office. As such I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families alike.

One fun fact: I have an obnoxious laugh which I used to be self conscious about. It’s weird.
I’ve learned to embrace it.

Courtney Perry
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