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Crystal Vivian


I have a passion for supporting others on their journey through life and personal wellbeing. I have faced many of my own adversities from childhood to adulthood which led me to my own healing journey that began over ten years ago. By utilizing my own lived experiences in addition to a higher level of education I am able to offer compassionate person-centred therapy. I value autonomy and self-determination for my clients as they are the experts of their own lives and we are equal partners working together in developing opportunities for growth and change.

I believe that health starts in the mind and is measured by the quality of our thoughts and the peacefulness we experience from within.

Together we will work to better understand and overcome personal struggles and conflict. We will address destructive thinking patterns, self-defeating behaviours, unhealthy coping mechanisms and break cycles of abuse. We will set you free from the barriers that have been holding you back from becoming your true authentic self.

Everyone’s life experience is unique; therefore, I provide individualized care while incorporating a biopsychosocial perspective, a strengths-based approach, and trauma-informed care. I intend to create a safe non-judgemental healing environment for self-exploration and discovery with the goal of empowering others and building resilience.

Fun Fact: I connect deeply to music and I love to sing, but I cannot sing in tune, carry a rhythm or remember lyrics.

Crystal Vivian
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