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Holly Thompson

Holistic Wellness Educator & Counsellor

Holly has been a licenced practicing Registered Nurse for 23 years. She comes with a wide variety of experience in both hospital and community settings, working with clients of all ages, in acute, chronic and palliative care throughout her career. Holly specialized in Mental Health and has spent the last 13 years of her career working and educating in this area of expertise.

Your focus: Mental health wellness and education is the focus of care for Holly. Holly has witnessed and experienced the benefit of combining traditional therapeutic care with holistic modalities for the improvement mental health Wellness. She combines her clinical practice skills, uses the concept of connection and outside the box thinking approach for each client. She values special attention to client focused care with inclusion of clients input into their treatment to facilitate healing and learning for clients so they can be empowered and thrive despite adversity. With the use of experiential learning with horses, energy work, opening to the connection of mind, body, soul and the importance of a holistic approach she strives to help clients improve their level of functioning and mental health.

One fun fact: I LOVE animals, photography, growing my own food, and being outside in nature.

Holly Thompson
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