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Trey Donaldson


I have always had a passion and drive for helping youth and adults with their personal development and growth! In doing so, having them recognize and understand that you cannot work on your personal development without having self-awareness. As a social worker, I have always strived to not just serve as a leader but also as a mentor in helping individuals, especially young men, focus on making internal changes, as that will have an immense external impact on an individual's everyday life.

Many youth and young adults are drawn to comparison in today's society. This is now affecting individuals' self-esteem to where they are not prioritizing their own trajectory and self-development. In my personal and professional experiences, many young men have suppressed emotions and feelings to where it now arises and affects their life in different components. I want to empower young men by making them feel comfortable with vulnerability and self-awareness and to have no fear or judgement as it is an acceptance of our imperfections.

I always ensure everyone feels they are in a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment. I am a firm believer in holistic approaches, and I have seen the benefits and how they can help an individual's personal development and individual healing process. My approach to therapy helps strengthen, empower, and encourage individuals to be patient, honest, and observe their emotional history and trauma at their own pace.

Trey Donaldson
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