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In the horror films of the 1980s and 1990s, it was almost a guarantee that if a character smoked cannabis or had sex, they died in some gruesome spectacle. However, one horror film festival founder shared his thoughts about the evolution of "sinful teenagers" in the genre.

In a recent interview Timothy Schultz, founder of the Mile High Horror Film Festival, answered the age-old question, who dies first -- the stoner or the horny teenager "Ha! This is an important topic of debate," he told Westworld. "Fewer sinful teens are getting the axe, but it does still happen. One of the craziest stoner deaths I've seen comes from Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood, where someone gets brutally impaled by their own bong. I think the peak of stoner deaths was in 1980s slasher films, although it still happens from time-to-time. As for who goes out first, the stoner vs. the teens having sex: it depends on the film, but I think the stoner has a slightly higher chance for survival. The odds are not good if you're smoking weed or having sex in an '80s horror movie, though."

So, more biology. Just like a vagina will swell when someone is horny, a penis will do the same. You may experience an erection, or the beginnings of one. As you become more horny, your brain is sending signals all the way down to your penis, telling the muscles to relax while the blood rushes in.

I think we can actually all pull inspiration from what foreplay is like for hormone-crazed teenagers. Odds are that most of us have memories of spending hours and hours on foreplay as teens, and while we might not have been super-experienced, it was super-exciting. So, in the spirit of recapturing your sex-crazed teenage self, here are eight ideas for making foreplay exhilarating again.

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