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Change your thoughts, change your world.

One of the most popular questions we're asked from the person on on the couch is "How do I control my negative thinking?"

The real truth is, your negative thinking is based on your beliefs, not your thoughts alone. Thoughts are just thoughts. Like little tiny specks of dust particles floating in the air, thoughts exist in the quantum field.

Myth buster, you are not the originator of those thoughts, but your belief system has a hand in creating them. Change your belief system; change your thoughts!

If the above statement is true then these thoughts "I'm anxious", "life is this or that", "what if a snake rope comes and pulls my kayak paddle in the water and I get stranded” are just words I attach meaning to based on irrational fears.

Have you ever challenged your thoughts?I don‘t mean think about whether or not they are true. I mean write them down and spend time evaluating them. Take a piece of paper and put a line down the middle. Write on one side true and the other not true. Over the next few days compile a list and find evidence that make your beliefs true, not true or not completely true. How much do you believe the original thought? If it changed a little bit in one exercise, imagine what could happen if you choose to challenge your thoughts and beliefs more regularly.

The problem is we take our thoughts too seriously. We attach ourselves to them and give them 100% creditability as facts. We think it and your brain immediately searches the bookshelf of stories in your head to find meaning in your thoughts. As you learn to be an observer of your thoughts you might respond with something like "oh, isn't this interesting?" "Look I'm thinking this thing again?" "Hmmm, if I wasn't thinking this thought what would I be thinking?"

Just because I think it doesn't mean it's true.

It's not enough to think about making change you have to put it in to action. This requires you to be patient with yourself and give yourself some grace and do not expect perfection. Just notice your thoughts, notice how you feel, catch yourself in the act. Change isn't about getting it right or perfect it's about movement.

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