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Katie Lamport


I have been in the counselling field for nineteen years. I spent some of those years in the United Kingdom working with families, youth, and children (and travelling Europe!) After moving back to Canada, I offered counselling, facilitated groups and provided training to the community. During this season, I was married, became a mom, became a stepmom and had the unique experience of being a gestational carrier (surrogate) as well. A move to Simcoe County in 2020 brought more exciting changes for my family, which is how I found Mainstream Therapy.

I offer counselling for adults (individuals, couples or families). My practice is mostly centred counselling for couples and women experiencing grief, loss, life changes, body image work, infertility, navigating relationships / parenting, and setting boundaries. My counselling practice offers a safe space to work on personal wellbeing goals with practical tools that can be used both in and out of sessions. Thank you for taking the time to be here. I wish you well.

Fun Fact: I write poetry ‘for fun’ and have a goal to publish a book one day!

Katie Lamport
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